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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Learning Centers
Tadpole Academy has many different playing centers for the children to play and learn in. There are domestic play centers to help children learn social interaction and role play. Block center to engage young minds in developing building skills, social and thinking skills. Puzzle and activity tables to develop problem solving and cognitive skills and many different sensory tables such as water, rice and play-doh tables that let little minds explore and develop many different skills.

At Tadpole Academy out teaching will focus on topics our children are interested in. We believe you learn best, when your learning what you are interested in! We communicate and observe your children daily and derive from their conversations what to teach them. Once we pick a topic we dive right in trying to give your children the most hands on and interactive experience. We believe in using nature as much as we can in our teaching and giving children real life experience to develop their understanding. Before you know it your child will be teaching you everything they learned that day! We do art daily along with circle times to help meet our learning goals along with all our interactive learning centers that give your children a chance to explore math, science, blocks, social play and so much more.

Circle Time Fun
Circle Time is important and very fun part of the preschool program. During this time the children gather in a group with the teacher to listen to stories, sing songs and play games. This is a time for your child to learn important school skills. Your child will come home daily waiting to share with you the songs and stories they learned that day!

Working with Families
We know and appreciate how hard it is to leave your children in someone else’s care every day. We all have our own families too and know the difficulties and hardships being a parent brings. The staff at Tadpole Academy is dedicated to working with all our families and meeting your care needs. We have an Open Door policy for all our parents to feel free to drop in whenever and even stay and visit a while. We are one big family at Tadpole and look forward to you joining us!

A childcare center is a second home for many children and should feel comfortable, safe and secure for both the parent and the child. Tadpole Academy is dedicated to providing the best environment for everyone in your family.

Full time and Part time registration is available.
Please call the center at 604-702-0267 to set up a time to come and see the center and discuss your childcare needs.